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2020 PYPA Online

ONLINE Piano Festival
July 31 – August 8, 2020

The 2020 PYPA Online Piano Festival offers even more than originally planned for its August 1-9, 2020 festival. This year, the festival offered increased  master class opportunities with renowned faculty, lectures from distinguished professionals from music and career managements, as well as opportunities for  young artists to perform in studio concerts with highly sought after guests.

The 2020 PYPA Online Piano Festival was designed to eliminate the need for travel to Philadelphia and to protect the safety and health of our faculty, artists and young artists in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Young artists and observers will be receiving the highest calibre education for which PYPA is famous, at a 50% fee reduction.


2020 PYPA線上音樂節



2020 PYPA線上音樂節將於2020年8月1至9日舉辨。PYPA音樂節移至線上後,相較於以往,提供了更多的課程內容。今年的PYPA線上音樂節將有更多堂世界級的大師課、頂尖音樂經紀公司主持的職業規劃研討會、大師帶領的學員交流音樂會等。 由於COVID-19肺炎的影響,為了保護我們的學員及老師們的健康, PYPA的課程與活動移至線上後,將免除大家旅行的必要。PYPA音樂節會延續我們的最高品質,並帶給學員們最好的學習環境。除此之外,今年音樂節的費用(學員及旁聽)也將全面減半。



Artistic director Ching-Yun Hu introduces the 2020 PYPA Piano Virtual Festival 

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