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PYPA introduces an exclusive Young Virtuosi Program, with the purpose of supporting PYPA prizewinner laureates and alumni as they continuously strive for excellence in their musical education and careers.

The Young Virtuosi Program covers monthly master classes, career workshops, career guidance, concert arrangements and press support. The program is designed to offer a package of career support not available to music students at schools and conservatories.

There is no other entity that offers this kind of academy / pre-management service for cohorts of young pianists, prior to their winning major piano competitions and auditions. We believe it is never too early to begin this quest!

How to join the roster:

  • Membership is by invitation only.
  • Open to prizewinners of the past PYPA Philadelphia International Piano Competition and PYPA Piano Festival alumni.
  • Admission decisions determined by PYPA artistic director Ching-Yun Hu and PYPA advisory board.

What is included:

  • For each student exclusive monthly, online master classes with world renowned faculty, concert pianists and jury members of international piano competitions.
  • Monthly online career workshops and counseling with key music professionals, such as artist manager, executive and artistic director of festivals, publicists, etc., on career development.
  • Monthly live stream performance on PYPA social media platform.
  • Invitation to concerts, tours and outreach concerts at schools as permitted by Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Special arrangement for radio broadcast and live stream performances.
  • Marketing and press support.

Program benefits: (what you do not get from music schools)

  • Study with numerous world-renowned faculty and jury members, besides your own private teacher.
  • Network with key music professionals in the industry.
  • Systematic career guidance through time.
  • Recommendations for auditions and competitions.
  • Structured learning.
  • Advise on biography, CV, recording materials.

美國費城青年鋼琴家協會 (PYPA) 「精英學院」為年輕鋼琴家量身定制的頂尖培訓計劃

我們提供最好的平台,讓年輕鋼琴家們與國際鋼琴大師以及音樂專業人士接軌。透過每一個月系統化的密集訓練、職業演奏生涯諮詢、演出規劃、及國際鋼琴比賽建議及推薦等,幫助 「PYPA精英」 知悉古典音樂在國際上的最新動態。並且,PYPA精英學院透過社交媒體及傳統媒體來塑造青年鋼琴家的個人風格。

天份與努力是成功的根本,但「正確的方向」 卻是成功的秘訣

透過與國際鋼琴大師以及音樂專業人士的上課與講座交流,在學琴的路上碰到瓶頸時,精英學院的師資會成為你學習中的嚮導。菁英學院的大師們都是國際鋼琴大賽得主,常任評委,重要音樂節經紀公司總監,或是藝術經紀人,借由與大師們9個月不間斷的相處下,不僅能夠得到他們寶貴的建議外,你可以獲得具有份量的推薦,而推薦信也是任何職業生涯上必要條件。每個月的演奏生涯諮詢講座,年輕鋼琴家們更能夠瞭解並逐步安排作為21世紀演奏家需要具備的條件,認識古典音樂在世界各地的發展,並且學習如何使用社群網路來拉近與觀眾的距離。PYPA精英學院給予的正是前往夢想路上的「正確的方向」 與 「機會」。


  1. 每個月的線上世界級大師課與分享交流會。借由網路,全世界最好的老師、鋼琴家及大賽的評審們都能以視訊授課方式與學員們零距離互動。
  2. 全世界音樂會及巡演的演出邀約(符合肺炎規定管制)
  3. 古典音樂電台及網路直播的演出機會
  4. 每個月的線上直播演奏機會
  5. 社群媒體及報章雜誌的推廣機會
  6. 每個月的線上演奏職業生涯諮詢講座(包含生涯規劃與比賽建議)


  1. 與世界級鋼琴家、教育家和國際比賽總監和評審的一對一大師課
  2. 瞭解古典音樂在國際上的發展,並與音樂產業專業人士建立人脈
  3. 一系列的演奏職業生涯講座
  4. 國際大賽與音樂學院入學推薦信的機會
  5. 世界級鋼琴家胡瀞云精心打造的頂尖課程
  6. 給予學員個人簡歷寫作及錄音錄像的建議


  1. 僅由美國青年鋼琴家音樂節藝術總監胡瀞云親自邀請
  2. 僅開放費城國際鋼琴大賽優勝者及美國青年鋼琴家音樂節 (PYPA)學員
  3. 由藝術總監胡瀞云與PYPA委員親自挑選入選學員
Philadelphia Young Pianists’ Academy
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